Nutrition with Jacquie Dale

Looking after yourself is a priority, but lets face it, life is hectic, and more often than not our health and well-being gets shunted to the side or neglected altogether. Carrying a healthy level of body fat is an important health goal. Most ‘off the shelf programs’ fail to work long term because they do not take into consideration personal information such as activity levels, body composition, health issues or lifestyle preferences. You will learn the number of calories your body actually burns in a day, how to balance your energy for weight control, how to avoid feeling hungry, and how to drop body-fat and boost your metabolism naturally and effectively.

I'm in the process of putting together a range of food plans, that are easy to follow and stick to.  The first one is designed for females under 170cm tall.

If you do more than 5 hours exercise a week or have medical conditions you may need individualized advice. Feel free to contact us here.