Protein Shake Ideas Posted on 6 Sep 15:12 , 1 comment

This one absolutely kills my mid afternoon cravings. I used 2 scoops of Vanilla Dream Reduce Protein Powder and added 2 tsp of Avalanche, a banana and a glass of water. Absolutely DIVINE and just 220 calories and 30g protein.

Are you skipping breakfast to lose weight? Posted on 21 Jul 21:26 , 0 comments

For a really nutritious breakfast that will kick start your weight loss regime, add 1-2 scoops of Reduce to a serve or oats, and top with a handful of berries or a few nuts. Or try a smoothie, blend Reduce with your favorite milk or water, add fruit and more here

Optimum Breakfast Smoothie Posted on 7 Jul 14:41 , 0 comments

Power up your day...
Unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein has no form of storage in the body, therefore it’s crucial to include protein in the diet every day and the best time to start is breakfast.

Nutrition for running Posted on 1 Jul 17:30 , 1 comment

I'm training for a marathon. What foods should I eat while I'm doing long training runs, and competing in the marathon itself?

12 strategies to help you re-balance your hormones Posted on 1 Feb 09:00 , 0 comments

If you are lucky you will sail through your thirty’s and forty’s gracefully. The rest of us have to find a way to deal with debilitating symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, anxiety, insomnia and lack of sex drive. If this sounds all too familiar, I have some good news. Your waist doesn’t have to disappear and you don’t need to reside permanently in hormonal hell or resort to HRT. Nutrition and lifestyle strategies will go a long way to lessen your adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Healthy High Protein Pina Colada Posted on 4 Jun 00:00 , 1 comment

Serves 3
220 calories per serve plus 23 grams of protein.