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If you’re feeling down or mildly depressed, pay a thought to nutritional deficiencies. Our bodies need more than 50 nutrients daily in order to function and we can only get these from food. The nutrients our brain needs are often sabotaged during a period of stress. When we are tired there is a tendency to skip healthy food and consume alcohol or foods that help rob our brain of nutrients Many nutrients have been found to play a role in supporting depression, including healthy omega 3 fats, B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. A diet that lacks key nutrients will impact depression. Vitamins and minerals work together as a team in the body; if one team member is off sick (or missing) the other team members can’t do their job properly. For healthy hormones, stress support and weight management you’ll love the Real Nutrients Multivitamin, it’s a once-a-day multi designed by nutritionists.



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Somewhere around the age of forty the average Kiwi bloke gets a wake up call concerning his health. It might be a passing remark from his doctor or wife, but it doesn’t usually sink in until he’s had a horrifying experience in the mirror. I’m talking about the precise moment when he realizes that he no longer looks like an underwear model and he’ll probably never be able to mow the lawns with his shirt off again.

The diet industry typically caters for the female market, which is a shame because in this country men don’t live as long as their female counterparts. Men might have better metabolisms, but they tend to accumulate fat around their waist, which increases their risk of weight related diseases. I’m talking about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Don’t believe me? How many men do you know over the age of sixty who are not on long term pharmaceutical drugs for the above conditions?

The most important health goal for our middle aged, kiwi bloke is to maintain a healthy body composition. That’s the ratio of fat to lean tissue in the body, but checking his weight on the scales each morning could be sabotaging his weight loss efforts. Men typically lose precious muscle each year after the age of thirty, up to a kilo a year in some cases. So the scales are a completely inaccurate way to measure success.

Most men don’t like the idea of dieting, it’s a deprivation girlie thing and I’m glad most men don’t do conventional diets, because the best weight loss diet for men is the non-diet approach. Here are a few tips to help your bloke out.

Waist not Weight

He doesn’t need scales. His waist is the best indicator of success or failure. In the ideal world, your bloke’s waist measurement should be half of his height. So if he’s 1.75 metres tall, get him to aim for an 88 cm waist.

Meal Timing

Yes, he can eat carbs at night, but he’ll get better results if he spreads his food intake evenly over the day. Don’t let him make the mistake of skipping breakfast or not eating after exercise. He needs to fuel his body throughout the day with healthy food and water.

Male Menopause

Beyond forty there is a predictable decrease in his basic biological function. Every indulgence, every holiday, every bottle of beer and every illness or injury sets him back a little bit more. The choices he makes around the foods he eats become more important. This is a good time to get him taking nutritional supplements like a multivitamin, omega 3 fish oils and resveratrol.

Maintain Muscle

Weight bearing exercise is the key. Jogging just doesn’t provide sufficient resistance to maintain his muscle. Walking the dog will not make it easier for him to lift your shopping bags out of the car. Even if he’s doing weight-bearing exercise such as walking, only the lower limbs are involved. The best exercise for bones, joints, and fat loss is a moderate resistance-training program that can help him maintain strength and flexibility. And a great way to boost muscle building protein in the diet is to incorporate a Reduce Smoothie.

Now if we can just get him to put the toilet seat down, remember our anniversary and buy flowers every week, we’d have nothing to complain about!

This range is good. It's true to label and is what I believe to be the cornerstone of good health.

If you are stressed or life is stressful, if you are wanting to lose weight or improve your health .. then a Multivitamin is absolutely a necessity and of course Omega 3 is an essential nutrient. Add Vitamin D for a boost on a cloudy day and a rock-star antioxidant like Resveratrol for healthy aging.

As a Real Nutrient client, I invite you to email me if you require any nutritional advice. If you'd like any tips or suggestions, please just keep a food diary for 3-7 days and send it in along with a brief message.  I'll personally critique it and reply.  This pack is amazing and look at the price!

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  1. The good news is that there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ food. All foods have a place in a well balanced eating plan.              
  2. Eating 4-6 meals per day keeps your metabolism in high gear and means you will shift the weight faster.
  3. There’s no getting away from it. Exercise is crucial - all food plans will only work if used in conjunction with an active, healthy lifestyle.
  4. Eat more wholefoods such as fruit, vegetables and whole-grains, and less processed food such as pre-prepared meals and junk foods.
  5. Ignore the scales. If you’ve increased muscle mass and lost fat, the scales can’t see that. How your clothes fit and where they’ve changed on your body is a more accurate guide.
  6. Keep a supply of fruit, nuts, crackers and protein bars handy so that you are not tempted by an easy muffin or high-fat snack.
  7. Be sure to eat a good breakfast. It will get you through the day.
  8. Too much alcohol and wanting to lose weight don’t mix. Alcohol reduces the body’s ability to burn fat by 30 per cent. Reduce your intake or cut it out altogether.
  9. Set realistic goals, and aim to lose a maximum of one kilogram per week. Your body can’t loose more than this without decreasing in muscle or water.
  10. Take a good multivitamin daily. It acts like a spark plug for your food. (Many dieters who’ve been under-eating for years are deficient in vitamins and minerals.)
  11. Focus on your successes, not your failures. No one’s perfect, so don’t give up because of one rogue piece of chocolate cake.
  12. Be sure to stay hydrated every day, thirst can mimic hunger.

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A vitamin pill on its own will not give you an energy boost in the afternoon to make up for a skipped meal, but used wisely health supplements can play an important role in your health and wellness regime. This list may seem basic, but the following vitamins are essential for our health and deficiencies are more

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One of the first things I noticed when shopping around looking at vitamins in NZ, is the ones that had any decent ingredients were big smelly tablets. Then the ones that were in nice capsules were of such a low dose you needed to take 6 a day to meet the label requirements. Others were not even complete. missing vital nutrients like iodine or D3. It seems vitamin marketers rely on the ignorance of the average consumer and put a product out in the market place with ingredient labels too hard to read or a tablet that is incomplete. When I'm recommending clients take a multi, I want to make sure its a good product, problem is, a good multi is going cost around $80 and to most, that's unaffordable. That's why we've developed our own. Like the rest of the range, the Ultimate100 is lab tested, true to label, an easy capsule 1-2 daily and we are able offer it at a realistic price because its only available here. Another interesting point to note, is that you should never take single supplements without a multivitamin first. That's because vitamins and minerals work together in the body. Although vitamins like Vitamin D or Magnesium are important, it's always better to cover your bases with a multi first, then if you think your diet needs a boost, get some specific advice.
The Real Nutrients Ultimate Multivitamin is specifically formulated for both men and women. Yes, you can share. As well as providing a comprehensive range of B vitamins, iodine, selenium and zinc, you'll also get Vitamin D3 and beta carotene. If you want to be in great shape for 2016, then now is a good time to take a multi.