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Tim Dale rants about supplements...

Us blokes don't often get things right. Between leaving the seat up, regularly scratching our balls, stinking out the bathroom, burning everything on the bbq.... we don't stand much of a chance.

Similarly, when it comes to health supplements, most guys tend to miss the forest for the trees.

If I had a $ for every guy that asked for the next ultra-mega-mass-gainer-protein synthesizer-testosterone-enhancer, I could probably take a week off.

Guys, it's not entirely your fault either. I used to read the muscle magazines, try and follow the pro's training and diet, yet still not get the same results as them......I wonder why?

Fortunately, being 20 years older I've managed to wise up to the fact why I never could achieve the physique of many of those bodybuilders in the magazines. I won't risk a lawsuit today, so I won't delve into the details as to how many of those athletes (?) look the way they do.

Instead I've put together a basic list of supplements that most guys could benefit from. They may not be the most glamorous products on the shelves, but at the end of the day they will deliver the goods.

Multivitamin. The plain Jane of supplements, but important for two reasons. 1, a good multi will cover the bases if your diet is lacking any essential nutrients, and 2, it will actually assist with absorbing nutrients from your food.

Protein powder. Forget the oxy-nitro vasodilators, creatine delivery systems, and mutant muscle products. You're not going to grow a gram of muscle unless you're ingesting a sufficient amount of protein. The most economical way to do this is in the form of a protein shake. 1-2 a day should equate to 60-70grams of protein. This is close to half the daily requirement of an 80kg male wishing to gain lean muscle.

Essential fats. About as sexy as Posh Spice, I know. Essential fats are just that, and are a major contributor to long term health. If you don't eat a lot of fish then supplement with a fish oil capsule or 3. There's a mountain of research being conducted on the anti-inflammatory effects of EPA/DHA, as well as joint, nerve, eye and brain health. One study recently suggested that it was the primates that wandered down to the waters edge and started feeding on fish, that developed their brains from that of a chimps, to the multi-terrabyte powerhouses we've got stored in our skulls today. Hard to imagine amongst some people I know, but if you wish to evolve your thinking as well as your physique, a fish oil supplement is for you.

L-Glutamine. Again, about as sexy as a Bee Gees reunion, but an often overlooked product. All you need is 1-2 teaspoons a day, and voila, you may find you're not aching half as much as usual. A potent ammonia scavenger (that's the stuff your body produces when it's under stress) and hugely important amino acid in terms of recovery.

That's it. 4 of the basics. Consider these your foundation supplements, along with getting your caloric requirements correct, training, and adequate rest, and you're bound to have an army of Jessica Alba lookalikes kicking your door in.

If in doubt, get a good nutritionist or trainer to help you pull it all together.

Get these right, and you may not need many of the other "whizz bang" over hyped products which often claim to make you bigger and stronger than a Hereford bull, give you a higher t-count than a male Lion, and get you as ripped as Bruce Lee in a matter of days.