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If you’re feeling down or mildly depressed, pay a thought to nutritional deficiencies. Our bodies need more than 50 nutrients daily in order to function and we can only get these from food. The nutrients our brain needs are often sabotaged during a period of stress. When we are tired there is a tendency to skip healthy food and consume alcohol or foods that help rob our brain of nutrients Many nutrients have been found to play a role in supporting depression, including healthy omega 3 fats, B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. A diet that lacks key nutrients will impact depression. Vitamins and minerals work together as a team in the body; if one team member is off sick (or missing) the other team members can’t do their job properly. For healthy hormones, stress support and weight management you’ll love the Real Nutrients Multivitamin, it’s a once-a-day multi designed by nutritionists.