12 Fatloss Tips Posted on 28 Sep 14:38 , 0 comments

  1. The good news is that there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ food. All foods have a place in a well balanced eating plan.              
  2. Eating 4-6 meals per day keeps your metabolism in high gear and means you will shift the weight faster.
  3. There’s no getting away from it. Exercise is crucial - all food plans will only work if used in conjunction with an active, healthy lifestyle.
  4. Eat more wholefoods such as fruit, vegetables and whole-grains, and less processed food such as pre-prepared meals and junk foods.
  5. Ignore the scales. If you’ve increased muscle mass and lost fat, the scales can’t see that. How your clothes fit and where they’ve changed on your body is a more accurate guide.
  6. Keep a supply of fruit, nuts, crackers and protein bars handy so that you are not tempted by an easy muffin or high-fat snack.
  7. Be sure to eat a good breakfast. It will get you through the day.
  8. Too much alcohol and wanting to lose weight don’t mix. Alcohol reduces the body’s ability to burn fat by 30 per cent. Reduce your intake or cut it out altogether.
  9. Set realistic goals, and aim to lose a maximum of one kilogram per week. Your body can’t loose more than this without decreasing in muscle or water.
  10. Take a good multivitamin daily. It acts like a spark plug for your food. (Many dieters who’ve been under-eating for years are deficient in vitamins and minerals.)
  11. Focus on your successes, not your failures. No one’s perfect, so don’t give up because of one rogue piece of chocolate cake.
  12. Be sure to stay hydrated every day, thirst can mimic hunger.

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