Hope in a Bottle? Don’t be fooled by false promises when it comes to weight loss or cellulite removal products. Posted on 10 Sep 16:31 , 0 comments

Dietary supplements are big business and their marketing claims are becoming more and more convincing. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. We’ve put together 10 pre-purchase tips to help you separate the fact from the fluff, and to save you some money in the quest for a better body and a healthier life.
If you do a Google search for weight loss products these days, you’re going to be bombarded with thousands of products, all of which can assist you attain a size 6 body, like the one of the model promoting them. From topical thigh shaping creams, miracle fat burner capsules, powdered fibre drinks, energy formulas and fat blocking pills it is easy to be mislead by the presentation of these products.
Some of the claims associated with many of these products are outrageous at best, and down right dangerous at worst. With this in mind, here are ten tips to assist you when choosing a dietary supplement with claims to be wary of...

Easy, Effortless, Not Difficult at All.                                                                                             
As soon as you see these words stop reading! It’s also easy to retire at 35, get a PhD and so on… unfortunately most things that are worthwhile are worth working towards. Do you really think the model in the picture does one easy effortless bout of exercise a month?

Eat Anything You Want and Just Take These Pills.                                                           
Realistically, you cannot expect to consume thousands of calories a day from poor food sources, pop a couple of pills and then look like Rachel Hunter. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Our bodies simply don’t work like that.

Drastic Weight Loss.                                                                                                                        
Nutritionists know that weight loss of more than one kilogram per week is detrimental, as often it will be composed of lean tissue. Claims that a product made someone lose 22 kilograms in 21 days are not only unrealistic, they can be dangerous. Gaining weight is a slow process, the person didn’t go to bed on Thursday night weighing 60 kilograms and wake up on Friday weighing 90 kilograms. Similarly, the most successful weight loss programs are those that focus on slow steady weight loss so that your ideal body shape can be maintained for life.

A Formula for Everyone.                                                                                                          
There is no generic food plan that exists that will work for everyone. After seeing several thousand people over the last twenty years I can confidently tell you that there are exceptions to every rule we’ve read. Some people have carb friendly metabolisms, others can get away with more fats, whilst others simply only have to look at carbs and they swell up like a balloon.

Scientifically Proven.                                                                                                                      
Is there proof of this? Find out if the study can actually be found and cited. Often the company funding the scientific research is the same company that is marketing the product.

Weight Loss Patches, Creams and Pills.                                                                                              
Steer clear of diet pills, creams or patches that offer quick weight loss without exercise or dietary changes. Some of the products will claim to reduce your appetite so that you will consume less food. In our experience most people gain weight eating when they are not hungry. Many people mistake thirst for hunger or over eat when they are tired or stressed. Quite possibly the only thing that will lose weight when you buy fad weight-loss products will be your wallet. We all wish for that new magic pill but unfortunately like the money tree, magic pills are in fairyland.

Money Back Guarantee.                                                                                                            
It’s important to read the fine print here. Often the companies offering this will hide behind a post office box or a 0800 number that is never answered. Or the refund policy may state that none of the original packaging can be damaged in any way. In other words if you opened the container, or even the cardboard box (external packaging) your refund is void.

Does the Product Neglect Lifestyle Changes or Exercise?                                                        
Fad diets or supplements do not attempt to make the consumer of them change their behavior or lifestyle. They claim you can follow the diet or take the supplement until you reach your desired weight and then return to your old habits.

The Product Promises to Block the Absorption of Food                                                  
Unfortunately a pill that claims to do this doesn’t exist. Some advertisements even show fat binding to the pill in a Petri dish. Unfortunately the human body is a lot more complicated than a simple Petri dish in a lab. If this product was real we would have solved the global obesity epidemic by now.

The Bottom Line                                                                                                                  

Emphasis is on a well balanced diet high in nutrients and low in trans fats and refined sugars. This kind of diet will have you well on the way to long lasting weight loss. Behavior modification including stress management and physical activity will result in improved health and an energized life. It doesn’t sound as exciting or as easy as a miracle pill, but let’s face it, we know it works.

If you are keen to get in shape or improve your health - the first step should be a Nutrition Makeover. Keep a food diary for 3-7 days and email Jacquie your food diary. She'll send you a health history form to complete and return. Plus she'll ask for some stats so that your body composition can be calculated. The first goal will be to carry a healthy level of fat.  And you'll receive a workable plan personalized for you, based on foods you like. It will be designed so that you achieve your goal within a set time frame. It will be balanced and achievable. Most importantly the goal is that you maintain the loss as well, so it becomes a lifestyle not a diet.

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