What to look for in your Omega 3 Supplement Posted on 1 Jun 00:00 , 0 comments

Look for the EPA and DHA content as these are the most important fatty acids. Some manufacturers produce supposedly “high strength” products with very low levels of these vital substances. Just because the label says 1000mg Omega 3, doesn't mean the capsule contains much of the good stuff, which is EPA and DHA.

High quality fish oil supplements will have high levels of EPA and DHA due to an extensive purification and concentration process.

We source only the best quality fish oils, compare our Concentrated Omega 3 Oil to other brands. We provide you with a high dosage of DHA and EPA, manufactured to GMP standards. For nutrient support you can trust.

How to choose the right Omega 3

Be wary of bulk cheap supplements, especially if they are in clear containers as light can damage essential oil products. Look for the DHA and EPA content per capsule, this is what you are paying for.

Look for at least 300mg of EPA, 200mg of DHA

Marine Lipid Concentrate     1000mg
EPA     360mg
DHA     240mg

Researchers reported in the August issue of Alcoholism, Clinical & Experimental Research, that Men who binge drink have low levels of Omega 3 Fatty acids. Alcohol has lasting negative effects on the brain and also changes the way the body uses good fats. For those who drink more than one drink a day on average, it may be very wise to incorporate Omega 3 fats into the diet. Alcohol also depletes B Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C, D, E and K, so it would be wise to use a supplement.

Expect to see more products on the supermarket shelves containing Omega 3. As science proves the health benefits of Omega 3 in the diet, many foods will claim to be a good source of this healthy oil. Pay attention to the ingredients panel. Some fortified products give you a very small percentage of healthy Omega 3 and the health benefits vary greatly between different sources. Look for products that differentiate the different types of Omega 3 fats on the label. Products containing the fatty acid EPA, DHA or ALA can all claim to be “a good source of Omega 3” however it is a well known fact that DHA and EPA fatty acids are a better source of Omega 3, compared to ALA which needs to be converted within the body. ALA is common in processed food, however ALA is derived from plant sources and EPA and DHA are derived from oily fish. Supplementing your diet with a good quality Omega 3 capsule may be the best choice if you don’t eat fish. Our brand is a professional high strength source of Omega 3, giving 360mg DHA and 240mg EPA per capsule.